3d printing, all aspects…


If there is one sector where office 3D printing is a revolutionary tool, it is the architecture sector! Whether architecture, interior architecture or the building sector in general, these trades have long understood the considerable contribution that 3D printing can have in their commercial and organizational approach.


What was managed yesterday by model makers or through a 3D printing service, can now be managed efficiently and at low cost internally, with a desktop 3D printer adapted to the architecture. Equip yourself internally with a 3D printer for architecture and the building brings many benefits such as the drastic reduction of the costs, the reduction of the prototyping times, a great reactivity about the adjustments: in summary a considerable aid to the acquisition and project management.

3D printing timelapse _ BCN3D Sigma_ Architecture 14.3s - 17.2s (DNpnhqaM84E) 2401

Save your time !


 10 to 30 times less time on a large-scale project than handmade models.


Custom it…



Being able to offer your future customers, as soon as possible, a physical model of their project will be seen as a guarantee of responsiveness and professionalism.

Keep your money.

The cost is generally the most attractive point in the choice of 3D printing. The profitability for architectural projects is simply incomparable.

Don’t forget details…

3D printing has the advantage of being extremely precise and of allowing complex shapes and geometries. You are no longer limited in design, by conventional forms. (height: 0.1 mm , width: 0.4 mm )

Be ecological !

All the materials used in additive manufacturing are recyclable and biodegradable. PLA is made from starch.

Don’t breaking it !

3D printing allows you to create objects in one body. In this case no fixing is used so the object becomes very resistant (shock, traction, elasticity ..)

One project can hide another…

When creating an architectural model for example, it is possible to assemble rooms, floors …

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